Handbook of Competition in Banking and Finance

Handbook of Competition in Banking and Finance


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Contents: Part I. Measurement of financial-sector competition 1. Market power: competition among measures Sherrill Shaffer and Laura Spierdijk 2. The Panzar-Rosse revenue test and market power in banking: an empirical illustration Sherrill Shaffer and Laura Spierdijk 3. Adapting conjectural variations methods to banking competition Bastiaan Overvest 4. Bank risk and competition: the other side of the story Laura Spierdijk and Michalis Zaouras 5. Banking competition, concentration and critical mass: why the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index is a biased competition measure Jaap W.B. Bos, Yee Ling Chan, James W. Kolari and Jiang Yuan Part II. Empirical results on competition in banking and insurance 6. Global developments in banking competition Martien Lamers and Victoria Purice 7. Competition in the European banking markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis Juan Fernandez de Guevara and Joaquin Maudos 8. Banking competition in China Zuzana Fungacova and Laurent Weill 9. Performance of the life insurance industry under pressure: efficiency, competition, and consolidation Jacob A. Bikker Part III. Spill-overs of financial-sector competition 10. Bank competition and financial stability Allen N. Berger, Leora F. Klapper and Rima Turk-Ariss 11. Measuring agency costs and the value of investment opportunities of U. S. bank holding companies with stochastic frontier estimation Joseph P. Hughes, Loretta J. Mester and Choon-Geol Moon 12. Banking competition and economic growth Paolo Coccorese 13. Shadow banking and competition: decomposing market power by activity Daniele Titotto and Steven Ongena 14. Banking competition and interest rate pass-through Stephanie Kleimeier and Harald Sander Part IV. Competition in banking submarkets and subsectors 15. SME business loans Richard J. Rosen and Gregory F. Udell 16. Competition and price conduct by bank service line Wilko Bolt and David Humphrey 17. Competition and contestability in bank retail markets Reint Gropp and Christoffer Kok 18. Bank market power and loan growth Manthos D. Delis, Iftekhar Hasan, Sotirios Kokas, Liuling Liu and Nikolaos Mylonidis Index
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