Research Handbook on Shadow Banking

Research Handbook on Shadow Banking

Legal and Regulatory Aspects


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Contents: The Risks and Regulatory Perimeter for Shadow Banking Iris H-Y Chiu and Iain G. MacNeil Part I Perspectives on Shadow Banking and the Regulatory Perimeter 1. The Law and Economics of Shadow Banking Hossein Nabilou and Alessio M. Pacces 2. Taking a Functional Approach to Understanding Shadow Banking: A Critical Look at Regulatory Policy Iris H-Y Chiu Part II Shadow Banking in the Wholesale Sector: Financial Innovation or Regulatory Arbitrage? 3. The Repo Market, Collateral and Systemic Risk: In Search of Regulatory Coherence Jay Cullen 4. Securitization and Structured Finance: from Shadow Banking to Legal Harmonization? Pierre de Gioia Carabellese 5. Pushing Shadow Banking into the Light: Reforming the US Tri-Party Repo Market Christian Johnson 6. Targeting Hedge Funds and 'Repo Runs' Harry McVea 7. Regulating OTC Derivatives: The CCP's Role and the EMIR Mark Hsiao 8. Shadow Banking Directive Instruments Edmond J. Curtin and Joseph Tanega Part III Shadow Banking in the Retail Sector and Issues Relating to Financial Innovation 9. Blockchain, Marketplace Lending and Crowdfunding: Emerging Issues and Opportunities in Fin Tech Edward F. Greene, Jeffrey M. Amico and Surya Bala 10. Out of the Shadow? Promises and Challenges of Peer-to-Peer Lending Mingfeng Lin 11. (Shadow) Banking on the Blockchain: Permissioned Ledgers, Interoperability and Common Standards Anna P. Donovan 12. European Money Market Fund Regulations and Universal Transparency Joseph Tanega and Viktoria Baklanova 13. Exchange Traded Funds in the Shadow Banking System Pamela F. Hanrahan Part IV Shadow Banking and Issues in Other Financial Centres 14. Understanding Shadow Banking in the Chinese Context: Shadow Banking with Chinese Characteristics Wei Shen 15. Shadow Banking in Singapore Christian Hofmann Index
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