Research Handbook on Asian Competition Law

Research Handbook on Asian Competition Law

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Contents: Preface Introduction to the Research Handbook on Asian Competition Law xiii Steven Van Uytsel, Shuya Hayashi and John O. Haley PART I COMPETITION LAW IN ASIA: BACKGROUND PERSPECTIVES 1 Adopting competition law in Asia: an increasingly complex reality 2 Steven Van Uytsel 2 The proliferation of competition law in Asia: from forced adoption to an integration project 25 Steven Van Uytsel PART II EARLY ASIAN COMPETITION LAWS AND THEIR CONTINUOUS SEARCH FOR THEIR IDENTITY: JAPAN, TAIWAN AND KOREA 3 The Japanese competition law in its own way: a historical review of the AMA and its characteristics 44 Shuya Hayashi, Kunlin Wu and Xiaoyu Ma 4 The evolution of fair and free competition law in the Republic of Korea 65 Yo Sop Choi 5 Political, economic and legal driving forces shaping the developmental contours of competition law: the experience of Taiwan 81 Andy C.M. Chen PART III ASIAN COMPETITION LAWS AT A CROSSROAD: INDONESIA, THAILAND AND VIETNAM 6 Indonesian competition law: up for renewal 100 Sih Yuliana Wahyuningtyas 7 Competition law in Thailand: in transition to an operational law 118 Sakda Thanitcul 8 Vietnam's competition law adoption: from passive to active 134 Ly Huong Luu PART IV EUROPEAN COMPETITION LAW AS THE MAIN SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA AND CHINA 9 Competition law in Singapore: the first decade 151 Burton Ong 10 Hong Kong competition law and legal transplant 168 Thomas K. Cheng 11 Legal transplant: giving life to Malaysia's competition regime 181 May Fong Cheong, Joshua Beni Chris Teoh and Esther Li Ean Khoo 12 Retrospective and prospects of China's Anti-Monopoly Law 209 Xiaoye Wang PART V A FUSION OF DIFFERENT COMPETITION LAW MODELS: THE PHILIPPINES, LAOS, MYANMAR AND CAMBODIA 13 The Philippine competition law dilemma: US-EU fusion to tension? 233 Alizedney M. Ditucalan 14 Competition law in Laos: evaluating its potential for effective enforcement 281 Steven Van Uytsel and Somsack Hongvichit 15 A legal transplant made unnecessarily complex: the Myanmar Competition Law 303 Steven Van Uytsel 16 The journey to the Cambodian competition law 321 David Fruitman and Meng Songkheang Index 337
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