Ministers, Minders and Mandarins

Ministers, Minders and Mandarins

An International Study of Relationships at the Executive Summit of Parliamentary Democracies


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Contents: 1. Introduction: Ministers, minders and mandarins Richard Shaw and Chris Eichbaum 2. Australia: Applying an institutional lens to political staff Maria Maley 3. Canada: Flexing the political arm of government Jonathan Craft 4. Denmark: Loyalty and the political adviser bargain Peter Munk Christiansen and Heidi Houlberg Salomonsen 5. Germany: The smooth and silent emergence of advisory roles Thurid Hustedt 6. Greece: Political advisers and circles of trust in Greek ministerial cabinets: Cardinals of the conclave, managers and the children of favouritism Athanassios Gouglas 7. Ireland: Steps towards a political coordination role for ministerial advisers Bernadette Connaughton 8. The Netherlands: The emergence and encapsulation of ministerial advisers Caspar van den Berg 9. New Zealand: Bargains, compacts and covenants in the core executive Richard Shaw and Chris Eichbaum 10. Sweden: Civil servants and political advisers as adversaries Birgitta Niklasson and Patrik OEhberg 11. Special advisers in the United Kingdom: Tensions in Whitehall Andrew Blick 12. Conclusion: New directions in studying ministerial advisers Richard Shaw and Chris Eichbaum Index
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