Handbook on Hybrid Organisations

Handbook on Hybrid Organisations


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Contents: 1 Introduction to the Handbook on Hybrid Organisations 1 David Billis and Colin Rochester PART I PUBLIC SECTOR HYBRIDS 2 Hybrid organisations: between state and market 31 Philip Marcel Karr. 3 Hybridity in public organisations 48 Nicolette van Gestel, Jean-Louis Denis and Ewan Ferlie 4 Local government mixed enterprises 66 Anthony E. Boardman and Mark A. Moore 5 Hybrid organisations in English health and social care 82 Ross Millar, Kelly Hall and Robin Miller 6 Public-private hybrids: a property rights perspective 96 Aidan R. Vining and David L. Weimer 7 Hybridity and research organisations 116 Magnus Gulbrandsen and Taran Thune 8 The Swedish corporate model 135 Anna Thomasson 9 Bridging public and private innovation patterns 151 Lars Fuglsang and J.rn Kj.lseth M.ller 10 Hybridity in higher education 169 Richard Winter and Richard Bolden PART II PRIVATE SECTOR HYBRIDS 11 The rise of the Dutch East India Company 186 Patrick A.M. Vermeulen and Arlette Cindy van Lint 12 Social enterprise and the dilemmas of hybrid organisations 206 Curtis Child 13 The governance of hybrid organisations 220 Chris Cornforth 14 Strategic management tensions in hybrid organisations 237 Bob Doherty, Helen Haugh and Fergus Lyon 15 Increasing social impact among social enterprises and traditional firms 251 Elena Dowin Kennedy, Erynn Beaton and Nardia Haigh 16 Organisational hybridity in affordable housing finance 273 Anita Blessing and David Mullins PART III THIRD SECTOR HYBRIDS 17 Third sector hybrid organisations: two different approaches 294 Adalbert Evers 18 Public administration regimes and co-production in hybrid organisations 311 Victor Pestoff 19 The hybridisation of Russian non-profit organisations 332 Sergej Ljubownikow and Jo Crotty 20 The development of civil society organisations in the transitional economy of the Czech Republic 348 Gabriela Vacekov., Hana Lipovsk. and Jana Soukopov. 21 Housing third sector organisations in Australia 370 Vivienne Milligan and Kath Hulse 22 Strategic mission management in hybrid organisations 391 Karin Kreutzer and Claus Jacobs 23 Building legitimacy for hybrid organisations 407 Benjamin Huybrechts, Julie Rijpens, Aur.lie Soetens and Helen Haugh PART IV THE THREE SECTORS AND THEIR BOUNDARIES 24 Hybrid organisations and human problems: towards a New Organisational Reality 424 David Billis 25 Hybrid organisations in sub-Saharan Africa 448 David Littlewood and Diane Holt 26 The church, faith-based organisations and the three sectors 468 Johan G.rde 27 Volunteers and hybrid organisations 486 Colin Rochester, Angela Ellis Paine and Matt Hill 28 Family businesses as hybrid organisations 507 B.rje Boers and Mattias Nordqvist 29 Hybrid organisations in the overlapping territory with the personal world 522 David Billis Index 547
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