Logic of Public-Private Partnerships

Logic of Public-Private Partnerships

The Enduring Interdependency of Politics and Markets

Greve, Carsten; Hodge, Graeme A.

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have excited the political world over the past few decades.This book will be useful for academics interested in PPPs and infrastructure governance, as well as professionals in the infrastructure sector and practitioners seeking to understand the PPP phenomenon.
Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. On Public-Private Partnership Performance: A Contemporary Review 3. Why Politics of Public-Private Partnerships Reinforced Economic Rationalism during Twenty-Five Years 4. The Economic Art of Public-Private Partnerships 5. Market Development and Public-Private Partnerships 6. After the Ribbon Cutting: Governing Public-Private Partnerships in the Medium- to Long-Term 7. International Public-Private Partnership Policies: Convergence in Themes from International Organizations? 8. Contemporary Public-Private Partnership: Towards a Global Research Agenda 9. From Public-Private Partnership to Infrastructure Governance: Meaningful Change in Narrative - or Rhetorical Sidestep? 10. Conclusions: Public-Private Partnership Logics for Our Times Index
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