Eu Law of Competition and Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Eu Law of Competition and Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector


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Contents: 1. Competition Law and Pharma: An Economic Perspective Benoit Durand 2. Reverse Payments: an EU and U.S. Perspective Frank Maier-Rigaud, Nathan Blalock and Oliver Gannon 3. Article 101 TFEU: Horizontal Cooperation Agreements in the Pharmaceutical Sector Soledad Blanco Thomas, Lilia Luchianov and Thomas Weck 4. The Competitive Assessment of IP Licensing Agreements in the Pharmaceutical Sector Pierre Moullet 5. Article 102 TFEU: Patent filings as an abuse of dominant position after "AstraZeneca": the patent / antitrust interface under a new perspective Francisco Hernandez 6. Mergers in the Pharmaceutical Sector Pablo Figueroa and Alejandro Guerrero 7. Mergers in the Medical Devices Sector Jan Heithecker 8. Antitrust Practices in Pharmaceutical Public Procurement Antonio Minho Lopez 9. EU Trade Law and Pharmaceuticals Pascale Hecker 10. The Pharmaceutical Sector and Parallel Trade Edurne Navarro Varona and Cristina Caballero 11. Free Movement and Competition in the European Market for Pharmaceuticals Pedro Caro de Sousa 12. IP Law and Pharmaceuticals: Patents and Supplementary Protection Certificates in the Pharmaceutical Sector Rais Amils 13. The EU Regulatory Framework for Medical Products for Human Use Marc Martens and Nicolas Carbonnelle 14. Antitrust and the Pharmaceutical Industry in the United States George A. Hay 15. UK Competition and Trade in the Pharma Sector Paula Riedel 16. Competition law and Pharma: China Andrew Foster 17. Competition Law and Pharma: Spain Helmut Brokelmann and Mariarosaria Ganino 18. The Application of Competition Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Challenges for BRICS Maria Ioannidou and Ioannis Kokkoris 19. Product Hopping: The U.S. Approach Michael A. Carrier 20. Marketing data in the Pharmaceutical Sector: a competition law consideration Pedro Callol Index