Macroprudential Regulation of International Finance

Macroprudential Regulation of International Finance

Managing Capital Flows and Exchange Rates

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Contents: 1. Introduction and Overview Dongsoo Kang and Andrew Mason 2. Macroprudential Policies: Indicators and Tools Hyun Song Shin 3. Business and Financial Cycles in Emerging Markets: Lessons for Macroprudential Policies Stijn Claessens and Swati R. Ghosh 4. Capital Controls: A Pragmatic Proposal Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista and Changyong Rhee 5. Irrational Expectations, Financial Amplification and Prudential Capital Controls Sangwon Suh and Jinsoo Lee 6. The Optimal International Reserves with Sudden Stop Risks Kyu-Chul Jung 7. International Reserves for Emerging Economies Jong-Eun Lee 8. Foreign Currency Liquidity Risk and Prudential Regulation of Banks Sungbin Cho and Joon-Ho Hahm 9. Investment Patterns of Foreign Bank Branches in Korea and Their Role in the Foreign Exchange Market Dongsoo Kang and Daehee Jeong 10. The Role of Reserves in a Small Open Economy: The Case of New Zealand Anella Munro and Michael Reddell 11. Facing Volatile Capital Flows: The Role of Exchange Rate Flexibility and Foreign Assets Rodrigo Cifuentes and Alejandro Jara 12. Risk Hedging in Korea's Financial Markets: The Impacts of Foreign Investment Changwoo Nam Index
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