Heterodox Macroeconomics

Heterodox Macroeconomics

Models of Demand, Distribution and Growth


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Contents: Preface 1. Introduction: Competing theories of production, growth and distribution Part I Core models of growth and distribution 2. Classical-Marxian models 3. Neo-Keynesian models 4. Neo-Kaleckian models Part II Extended models of distributional conflict and cyclical dynamics 5. Distributional conflict, aggregate demand and neo-Goodwin cycles 6. Neo-Harrodian models and the Harrodian instability debate 7. New directions: Wage inequality, rentier income, financial dynamics and supermultiplier models Part III Kaldorian approaches: Export-led growth and the balance-of-payments constraint 8. Export-led growth and cumulative causation 9. Balance-of-payments-constrained growth I: Thirlwall's law and extensions 10. Balance of payments constrained growth II: Critiques, alternatives and syntheses References Index
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