Aggregate Demand and Employment

Aggregate Demand and Employment

International Perspectives

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Contents: Preface xiv Introduction: the importance of aggregate demand for full employment and rising living standards 1 Brian K. MacLean, Hassan Bougrine and Louis-Philippe Rochon PART I THEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONS 1 Macroeconomic lessons from the past decade 11 J.W. Mason 2 Dualism and economic stagnation: can a policy of guaranteed basic income return mature market economies to les Trente glorieuses ? 34 Mario Seccareccia 3 Kaleckian reflections on the wage share in recent Post-Keynesian controversies 52 Jan Toporowski PART II MULTI-COUNTRY PERSPECTIVES 4 The fiscal constraints of the Economic and Monetary Union 62 Malcolm Sawyer 5 The failure of development in Latin America 75 Vernengo 6 Austerity, unemployment and poverty in developing countries 97 Hassan Bougrine and Louis-Philippe Rochon PART III COUNTRY STUDIES 7 Full employment in Canada in the early 21st century 116 Lars Osberg 8 Employment in India: aggregate demand and structural transformations 142 Sunanda Sen 9 Abenomics and the Japanese labour market 156 Brian K. MacLean Index 179
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