Elgar Companion to Geography, Transdisciplinarity and Sustainability

Elgar Companion to Geography, Transdisciplinarity and Sustainability


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Contents: Introduction Part I Foundational Binaries of Geography and Sustainability 1. Packing transdisciplinary critical geography amidst sustainability of mountainscapes. Fausto O. Sarmiento 2. A binary South to North world: The geography of sustainability for a high-energy, urbanizing human species. Esmeralda Guevara and Larry M. Frolich 3. Sustainable Development and the Concept of Scale. Bernard Debarbieux and Joerg Balsiger 4. Multidisciplinary approaches for conservation issues Rachid Cheddadi, Fausto O. Sarmiento, Ali Rhoujjati, Pierre Taberlet, Francesco Ficetola, Alexandra-Jane Henrot, Louis Francois and Frederic Boyer 5. The dance of sustainability: A call to engage geographers in local- and global-scale research. Carol P. Harden 6. Sustainability and Globalization. Helena Norberg-Hodge 7. The climate framework in sustainability research: a geographic critique from the global south. Kenneth R. Young Part II Integration of Disciplinary Development for Sustainability 8. Why Sustainability Matters in Geography? Friedrich M. Zimmermann and Susanne Zimmermann-Janschitz 9. Urban Montology: Mountain Cities as Transdisciplinary Research Focus. Axel Borsdorf and Andreas Haller 10. The Satoyama Initiative for landscape/seascape sustainability. William Dunbar and Kaoru Ichikawa 11. A Biocultural Ethic For Sustainable Geographies. Ricardo Rozzi 12. Values in place: Protected Areas as a Geography of Commitment. David Harmon Part III Resource Exploitation and Cycling of Accommodation 13. Regenerative development as natural solution for sustainability. Eduard Muller 14. Sustainable relationships and ecological authenticity. Nigel Dudley 15. Feeding Futures Framed: Rediscovering Biocultural Diversity in Sustainable Foodscapes. Genevieve A. Holdridge, Suzanne E. Pilaar-Birch, Bynum Boley, James K. Reap, Eric A. Macdonald, Maria Navarro, Sarah L. Hitchner and John W. Schelhas 16. Sustainable urbanism or fade amenity migration: Critical analysis of urban planning of Cuenca cityscapes, Ecuador. Mario E. Donoso-Correa and Fausto O. Sarmiento Part IV Country Examples: Non-Traditional Actors/TEK 17. Land Cover and Land Use Change in an Emerging National Park Gateway Region: Implications for Mountain Sustainability. Lynn M. Resler, Yang Shao, James B. Campbell and Amanda Michaels 18. Listening to the Campesinos. Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in the Tropical Andes. Christoph Stadel 19. Decolonizing ecological knowledge: transdisciplinary ecology, place making and cognitive justice in the Andes Sebastien Boillat 20. Cultural Sustainability and Notions of Cultural Heritage : a review with some reference to an Asian perspective. Ken Taylor 21. Threats to Sustainability in the Galapagos Islands: A Social-Ecological Perspective. Carlos F. Mena, Diego Quiroga and Stephen J. Walsh 22. Celestial Bird's Eye View: Tracking Forest Cover Change in the Bellbird Biological Corridor of Costa Rica Steve Padgett-Vasquez 23. Andean Indigenous Foodscapes: Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Mountains' Sustainability Scenarios Juan A. Gonzalez and Fausto O. Sarmiento Part V Postcript 24. Montology: Towards an Integrative Understanding of Mountain Foodscapes for Strengthening Food Sovereignty in Tropical and Temperate Andes Jose Tomas Ibarra, Antonia Barreau, Carla Marchant, Juan A. Gonzalez, Manuel Oliva, Mario E. Donoso-Correa, Berea Antaki, Constanza Monterrubio-Solis and Fausto O. Sarmiento 25. Sustainability: Cooperation Industry Earth 2300- Think Local Planet, Act Regionally. Thomas J. Christoffel Epilogue 26. Sustainability thinking: the road ahead Fausto O. Sarmiento and Larry M. Frolich Index
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