Handbook on Gender and War

Handbook on Gender and War

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Contents: Introduction Simona Sharoni and Julia Welland PART I GENDER AND THE CONDUCT OF WAR Introduction Julia Welland 1. Gender and Militaries: The Importance of Military Masculinities for the Conduct of State Sanctioned Violence Victoria M. Basham 2. On the Imagination of 'Woman' as Killer in War Linda Ahall 3. The Twilight War: Gender and Espionage, Britain, 1900-1950 Juliette Pattinson 4. Cat Food and Clients: Gendering the Politics of Protection in the Private Military Securitized Company Paul Higate 5. Not All Soldiers: Hegemonic Masculinity and the Problem of Soldiers' Agency in an Age of Technological Intervention Mary Manjikian 6. Gender and 'Population-Centric' Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan Julia Welland 7. Gender and Terrorism Caron E. Gentry PART II GENDER AND THE IMPACT OF WAR Introduction Linda Steiner 8. Gender-Based Violence in War Laura Sjoberg 9. Risk and Social Transformation: Gender and Forced Migration Tania Kaiser 10. Girls as Weapons of War Mayesha Alam 11. Gender and the Economic Impacts of War Joyce P. Jacobsen 12. The War Comes Home: The Toll of War and the Shifting Burden of Care Alison Howell and Zoe H. Wool 13. The Sexual Economy of War: Implications for the Integration of Women into the US Armed Forces Joane Nagel and Lindsey Feitz 14. From Woman Warrior to Innocent Child: Telling Gendered News Stories of Women Terrorists Dan Berkowitz and Ling Qi 15. Gender under Fire in War Reporting Linda Steiner PART III GENDER AND OPPOSITION TO WAR Introduction Jennifer Pedersen 16. CODEPINK and Pink Soldiers: Reading Feminist Antimilitarism Anew Ilene R. Feinman 17. Iraq Veterans Against the War: "That Whole Gender Paradigm" Cami Rowe 18. Gender and Resistance to Political Violence in Palestine and Israel Simona Sharoni 19. In the Rain and In the Sun: Women's Peace Activism in Liberia Jennifer Pedersen 20. Gender and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1960s Jodi Burkett 21. Gendered Dimensions of Anti-war Protest in Japan Jennifer Chan PART IV GENDER AND THE AFTERMATH OF WAR Introduction Simona Sharoni 22. Gender and Peacebuilding Laura J. Shepherd and Caitlin Hamilton 23. Gender and Post-Conflict Security Megan MacKenzie 24. Gender and Transitional Justice Catherine O'Rourke 25. Gender and Demilitarization in Liberia Christopher Hills 26. Girl Soldiers and the Complexities of Demobilization and Reintegration Myriam Denov, Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Amber Green 27. The United Nations' Women, Peace and Security Agenda Soumita Basu Index
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