Handbook on Gender and Social Policy

Handbook on Gender and Social Policy

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Contents: 1. Introduction to the Handbook on Gender and Social Policy Sheila Shaver Part I Perspectives 2. Gender, social policy and the idea of the welfare state Anna Yeatman 3. Intersectionality, gender and social policy Fiona Williams 4. Men, masculinities and social policy Jeff Hearn, Keith Pringle and Dag Balkmar 5. Rethinking social policy: A gender perspective from the developing world Shahra Razavi and Silke Staab 6. Policy reforms on prostitution: The quest for control Joyce Outshoorn Part II Inequalities in work and care 7. Gender and economic inequality Susan Harkness 8. Gender, employment and social policy Jill Rubery and Hugo Figueiredo 9. Family policies and the weakening of the male-breadwinner model Rosa Daiger von Gleichen and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser 10. Transmitting inequality: Pensions policy and the gendered life course Liam Foster and Jay Ginn 11. Social investment, poverty and lone parents Jane Jenson 12. Care policies for children and adults in high-income countries Mary Daly 13. Care policies in the South Valeria Esquivel 14. Care and migration Deborah Brennan and Elizabeth Adamson 15. Shaping the way international organizations 'see' gender equality: The OECD and ECLAC Rianne Mahon Part III Family policy 16. Making and unmaking families Belinda Hewitt and Michelle Brady 17. The movement towards marriage equality in advanced industrialized countries Mary Bernstein and Brenna Harvey 18. Women, domestic violence and child protection Silke Meyer Part IV Case studies, countries and regions 19. Gender policy in the Netherlands: From a redistributive to an identity-based approach Trudie Knijn 20. An overview of research on gender and social policy in Spain Celia Valiente 21. Norway: The evolution of a Nordic earner-carer model Anne Lise Ellingsaeter 22. Social policy in the United States Ellen Reese, Logan Marg and Julisa McCoy 23. A long decade of gendering social policy in Latin America: Transformative steps and inequality traps Camila Arza and Juliana Martinez Franzoni 24. Women and care in China Megan Blaxland, Xiaoyuan Shang and Karen R. Fisher Index
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