Aggregate Demand, Inequality and Instability

Aggregate Demand, Inequality and Instability

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Contents: 1. Introduction PART I: Basic Concepts 2. Piketty's Contribution 3. Measurement 4. Inequality and Aggregate Demand PART II: Endogenous Dynamics and Instability 5. Aggregate Demand, Growth and Instability 6. Wealth, Public Debt and Instability 7. Recursive Workhorses PART III: The Macro Inference of Inequality 8. Rent, Wealth and Bubbles 9. A Model with Heterogeneous Supply 10. Wealth and Capital Gains in Financial Markets PART IV: Inequality, Finance and Instability 11. Inequality and the Financial Instability Hypothesis 12. Instability in a Regime Switching Model PART V: Concluding Remarks 13. A Summary 14. The Challenges Index
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