Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation

Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation

Combating Civic Deficit?

Gagnon, Jean-Paul; Chou, Mark; Hartung, Catherine; Pruitt, Lesley J.

Rowman & Littlefield International






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Explores whether, and how, young people work with and against contemporary politics at institutional and grassroots levels.
1. Preface. / 2. Disengaged: young people and political disengagement in Anglo-American democracies / 3. Democracy in Crisis: are young people to blame? / 4. Civics Education: defender or divider of democracy? / 5. Different Ways, Different Domains: the everyday politics of young people / 6. Brexit, Bono, and the Entrepreneurial Self: young people's participation as global citizens' / 7. Co-Designed: a new approach to civics and citizenship.
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