Trends in Climate Change Legislation

Trends in Climate Change Legislation

Fankhauser, Samuel; Nachmany, Michal; Averchenkova, Alina

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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A deepening understanding of the importance of climate change has caused a recent and rapid increase in the number of climate change or climate-related laws. Trends in Climate Change Legislation offers an astute analysis of the political, institutional and economic factors that have motivated this surge, placing it into context.
Contents: 1. Introduction Alina Averchenkova, Sam Fankhauser and Michal Nachmany PART I How Climate Change Legislation Comes About 2. The national and international drivers of climate change legislation Abbie Clare, Sam Fankhauser and Caterina Gennaioli 3. Climate change legislation and policy in China, the European Union and the United States Isabella Neuweg and Alina Averchenkova 4. Climate legislation in the Least Developing Countries Michal Nachmany, Achala Abeysinghe and Subhi Barakat PART II What Climate Change Legislation Should Contain 5. The normative foundations of climate legislation Fergus Green 6. Institutional aspects of climate legislation Alina Averchenkova and Michal Nachmany 7. Good practice in low-carbon policy Alex Bowen and Sam Fankhauser PART III Climate Change Legislation in the Wider Context 8. Climate policy at the sub-national level Ibon Galarraga, Elisa Sainz de Murieta and Joan Franca 9. Regulating climate change in the courts Joana Setzer and Mook Bangalore 10. Climate legislation and international commitments Alina Averchenkova and Sini Matikainen index
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