Rise of Common Political Order

Rise of Common Political Order

Institutions, Public Administration and Transnational Space

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Contents: 1. Conceptualizing Common Political Order: An Introduction Jarle Trondal PART I POLITICAL ORDER AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL 2. A Research Agenda on International Public Administration Jarle Trondal 3. The Rise of international Public Administration: Observations from the International Atomic Energy Agency Jarle Trondal 4. The Rise of Independent Supranational Administration: The case of the European Union administration Jarle Trondal 5. The Rise of International Accountability Institutions: The case of the European Parliament and the European Ombudsman Jarle Trondal, Anchrit Wille and Anne Elizabeth Stie PART II POLITICAL ORDER AT THE MACRO-REGIONAL LEVEL 6. Macro-regional Strategies of the European Union: A new research agenda Tobias Chilla, Stefan Ganzle, Franziska Sielker and Dominic Stead 7. Experimentalist Governance in a Multi-level Environment: The EU's macro-regional strategies for the Baltic Sea and Danube regions Stefan Ganzle and Joerg Mirtl 8. Priority Area Coordinators and Horizontal Action Leaders in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: Trans-governmental networks and order formation in EU territorial cooperation Stefan Ganzle PART III POLITICAL ORDER AT THE LOCAL LEVEL 9. Governance at the Local Level: A research agenda on cross-boundary coordination Dag Ingvar Jacobsen 10. Democratic Effects of Inter-Municipal Cooperation: Equal effects for all? Dag Ingvar Jacobsen 11. Service Quality, Inter-municipal Cooperation and the Optimum Scale of Operation: The case of local fire departments in Norway Sara Blaka 12. Breakdown of Inter-Organizational Cooperation: The case of regional councils in Norway Barbara Zyzak Index
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