Moral Psychology of Pride

Moral Psychology of Pride

Carter, J. Adam; Gordon, Emma C.

Rowman & Littlefield International






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1. The Moral Psychology of Pride: An Introduction, J. Adam Carter and Emma C. Gordon / 2. The Appropriateness of Pride, Michael S. Brady / 3. Pride Versus Self-Respect, Adam Morton / 4. Beyond the Self: Pride Felt in Relation to Others, Lisa Williams and Joel Davies / 5. Intellectual Pride and Intellectual Humility, Duncan Pritchard and Jesper Kallestrup / 6. Intellectual Pride, Allan Hazlett / 7. Jesus and the Virtues of Pride, Robert C. Roberts and Ryan West / 8. Goal-Oriented Pride and Magnanimity, Christina Chuang / 9. Moral Pride: Benefits and Challenges of Experiencing and Expressing Pride in One's Moral Achievements, Neil McLatchie and Jared Piazza / 10. Pride, Achievement, and Purpose, Antti Kauppinen / 11. White Pride, Samantha Vice / 12. Pride in Christian Philosophy and Theology, Kevin Timpe and Neal A. Tognazzini / 13. The Practical Advantages of Pride and the Risks of Humility, Eva Dadlez / Bibliography / Index
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