Making of International Trade Policy

Making of International Trade Policy

Ngos, Agenda-Setting and the WTO

Murphy, Hannah

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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This book investigates the contributions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to policymaking at the WTO, challenging the idea that NGOs can be narrowly understood as potential democratic antidotes' to the imperfections of Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs).
Contents: Foreword 1. Introduction: NGOs and the WTO 2. NGOs, States and the WTO: Towards a Governance-centred Perspective 3. Conceptualizing NGO Activity in the WTO Contex 4. The Campaign for International Core Labour Standards at the WTO 5. Safeguards Pending: TRIPS and the Access to Medicines Campaign 6. The NGO Campaign Against a WTO Investment Agreement 7. Understanding the Agenda-setting Roles of NGOs at the WTO 8. Conclusion Index
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