G20 and International Relations Theory

G20 and International Relations Theory

Perspectives on Global Summitry

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Contents: Introduction: Theorizing the G20 Steven Slaughter 1. Liberal Theory, Liberal Context and the G20 Alan S. Alexandroff 2. The G20 and Realist International Relations Theory Steven Slaughter 3. Rational Choice and the G20 Felicity Vabulas 4. The G20 and the English School Tristen Naylor 5. A Constructivist Approach to the G20 Jonathan Luckhurst 6. The G20 Through the Lens of Historical Institutionalism Lora Anne Viola 7. A Nebuleuse for a New World Order? The G20 from a neo-Gramscian Perspective Tom Chodor 8. Feminist Approaches to Global Economic Governance: The G20 as a Platform for Step Change? Susan Harris-Rimmer and Caitlin Byne 9. Green Theory and the G20 Kyla Tienhaara and Christian Downie Conclusion: International Relations Theory and the Future of the G20 Steven Slaughter Index
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