Evolution of Social Innovation

Evolution of Social Innovation

Building Resilience Through Transitions

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Contents: 1. The History of Social Innovation Katharine McGowan, Frances Westley and Ola Tjoernbo 2. National Parks in the United States Nino Antadze 3. The Intelligence Test Katharine McGowan 4. Synthesis: Agency And Opportunity Per Olsson 5. The Legalization of Birth Control in North America Nino Antadze and Jaclyn Blacklock 6. The Duty to Consult and Accommodate in Canada Erin Alexiuk 7. The Internet: A Dynamic History Ola Tjoernbo 8. Synthesis: Self-Organization, Strange Attractors and Social Innovation Daniel McCarthy 9. The Global Derivatives Market as Social Innovation Sean Geobey 10. Indian Residential Schools Katharine McGowan 11. "A Fever for Business": Dutch Joint Stock Companies Katharine McGowan 12. Synthesis: Tracking Transformative Impacts and Cross-scale Dynamics Michele-Lee Moore 13. Conclusion: Recognizing Transformative Potential Frances Westley Index
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