Research Handbook on Not-For-Profit Law

Research Handbook on Not-For-Profit Law

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Contents: Introduction Matthew Harding Part I Theories of the Not-for-Profit Sector 1. A Law and Economics Perspective on Nonprofit Organizations Richard Steinberg and Brian Galle 2. A Primer on the Neo-Classical Republican Theory of the Non-Profit Sector (And the Other Three Sectors Too) Rob Atkinson 3. A Charity Law Perspective on a Liberal Perspective on Charity Law Adam Parachin 4. The Not-for-Profit Sector: A Roman Catholic View Fr Brian Lucas Part II The Composition and Scope of the Not-for-Profit Sector 5. An Overview of the Not-for-Profit Sector Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM 6. The Boundary between Not-for-Profits and Government Darryn Jensen 7. The Boundary between the Not-for-Profit and Business Sectors: Social Enterprise and Hybrid Models Benjamin M Leff 8. Donor Intention and Dialectic Legal Policy Frames John Picton Part III Not-for-Profit Organisations and the Constitution 9. Not-for-Profit Organisations, Public Law and Private Law Kathryn Chan 10. Not-for-Profit Organisations and Equality Law Francois du Toit 11. Charity Law and Freedom of Political Communication: the Australian Experience Jenny Beard 12. Not-for-Profit Law and Freedom of Religion Pauline Ridge Part IV The Legal Conception of Charity 13. The History and Future of the Law of Charity G E Dal Pont 14. Charity in Common Law and Civilian Jurisdictions Michael H Lubetsky 15. The Heads of Charity in Comparative Perspective Debra Morris 16. Public Benefit Post-Pemsel Mary Synge Part V The Tax Treatment of Not-for-Profit Organisations 17. Taxation and the Not-for-Profit Sector Globally: Common Issues, Different Solutions Ann O'Connell 18. Subsidizing Charity Liberally Miranda Perry Fleischer 19. Ways the Charitable Deduction Has Shaped the US Charitable Sector Roger Colinvaux 20. The Major Tax Concessions Granted to Charities in Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States of America and Hong Kong: What Lessons Can We Learn?' Fiona Martin 21. Reforming Tax Policy with Respect to Non-Profit Organisations Evelyn Brody Part VI The Regulation of Not-for-Profit Organisations 22. Principles of Regulation of Not-for-Profits Jonathan Garton 23. Design and Implementation of a Charitable Regulation Regime Brian Galle 24. Redefining the Measure of Success: A Historical and Comparative Look at Charity Regulation Oonagh B Breen 25. A Regulator's View Susan Pascoe AM Index
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