Research Handbook on Luxury Branding

Research Handbook on Luxury Branding

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Contents: Foreword xviii Sandor Czellar, David Dubois and Gilles Laurent List of abbreviations xxxi PART I EVOLVING NATURE OF LUXURY 1 The changing notions of materialism and status in an increasingly dematerialized world 2 Russell Belk 2 Liquid luxury 22 Fleura Bardhi, Giana M. Eckhardt and Emma Samsioe PART II LUXURY CONSUMPTION FUNCTIONS 3 Evolutionary function of luxury consumption 44 Yajin Wang 4 Fulfilling identity motives through luxury consumption 57 Mario Pandelaere and L.J. Shrum 5 Fulfilling social needs through luxury consumption 75 David Dubois PART III LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT 6 Luxury brand consumption in emerging economies: review and implications 93 Kineta Hung and David K. Tse 7 Building and growing luxury brands: strategies for pursuing growth while maintaining brand coherence 117 Vanessa M. Patrick and Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga 8 Pricing luxury goods: more art than science 138 Denise Dahlhoff and Z. John Zhang 9 Managing the luxury shopping experience: implications for retail channels 150 Elisa Schweiger, Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen and Lauren Skinner Beitelspacher PART IV LUXURY BRAND CULTURE 10 Art and aesthetics 171 Henrik Hagtvedt 11 Authenticity in luxury branding 190 Felicitas Morhart and Lucia Malar 12 Sensuality and experience 208 Bernd Schmitt PART V LUXURY BRAND COMMUNICATION 13 Communicating luxury brands through stories 225 Luca M. Visconti 14 Social media and luxury 248 Andrew T. Stephen PART VI MORALITY ISSUES OF LUXURY 15 The evolution of counterfeit luxury consumption 265 Keith Wilcox and Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky 16 #Luxe: influencers, selfies, and the marketizing of morality 282 Robert V. Kozinets 17 Luxury and environmental responsibility 300 Anat Keinan, Sandrine Crener and Dafna Goor Index 323
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