Research Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics

Research Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics


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Contents: Part I Introduction 1. Law and economics: the contributions of the Austrian School of Economics Peter J. Boettke and Todd J. Zywicki Part II Methodology of Law and Economics 2. Property rights, the Coase Theorem and informality Martin Krause 3. Coase, Posner, and Austrian law and economics Peter T. Leeson Part III Evolutionary Law 4. Nature as first custom: Hayek on the evolution of social rules Gerald J. Postema 5. The law and economics of rule reform Christopher J. Coyne 6. Legal process for fostering innovation Henry N. Butler and Larry E. Ribstein 7. Customary commercial law, credibility, contracting, and credit in the high Middle Ages Bruce L. Benson 8. Self-Governance, property rights, and illicit commerce David Skarbek 9. Austrian law and economics and efficiency in the common law Todd J. Zywicki and Edward P. Stringham 10. Dispute resolution when rationalities conflict: cost and choice in a mixed economy Richard E. Wagner Part IV Basic Law 11. Sparks cases in contemporary law and economic scholarship Eric R. Claeys 12. Austrian economics and tort law Michael E. DeBow 13. Antitrust and competition from a market-process perspective Donald J. Boudreaux 14. Civil Procedure reconsidered Jeffrey S. Parker 15. An Austrian analysis of contemporary American business law Peter G. Klein and Thomas A. Lambert 16. Firms without boards: unleashing the Hayekian firm M. Todd Henderson 17. Bankruptcy judge as a central planner Todd J. Zywicki and Shruti Rajagopalan 18. Family Law, uncertainty, and the coordination of human capital Steven Horwitz Part V Conclusion 19. Conclusion: the future of "Austrian" Law and Economics Peter J. Boettke and Todd J. Zywicki Index
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