Research Handbook of Expatriates

Research Handbook of Expatriates


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Contents: Foreword J. Stewart Black PART I HISTORY OF EXPATRIATE STUDIES AND ITS CURRENT STATE OF PLAY 1. Introduction: Overview of early expatriate studies, 1952 to 1979 Yvonne McNulty and Jan Selmer 2. The concept of business expatriates Yvonne McNulty and Chris Brewster 3. Expatriates: A thematic research history Jan Selmer PART II HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY FOUNDATIONS OF EXPATRIATE STUDIES 4. Expatriate adjustment Thomas Hippler, Arno Haslberger and Chris Brewster 5. Expatriate performance Leanda Care and Ross Donohue 6. Expatriates to and from developed and developing countries Lisa Clarke, Akhentoolove Corbin and Betty Jane Punnett 7. Global talent management: What does it mean for expatriates? David G. Collings and Michael Isichei 8. Expatriates' safety and security during crisis Anthony Fee PART III TYPES OF EXPATRIATES 9. Self-initiated expatriates Jan Selmer, Maike Andresen and Jean-Luc Cerdin 10. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) expatriates Ruth McPhail 11. Inpatriates: A review, synthesis and outlook of two decades of research Miriam Moeller and B. Sebastian Reiche 12. Female expatriates: Towards a more inclusive view Kate Hutchings and Snejina Michailova 13. Millennial expatriates Marian Crowley-Henry and Mary Collins 14. International business travellers, short-term assignees and international commuters Liisa Makela, Kati Saarenpaa and Yvonne McNulty PART IV EXPATRIATES IN DIVERSE COMMUNITIES 15. Military expatriates Kelly L. Fisher 16. Missionary (religious) expatriates Braam Oberholster and Cheryl Doss 17. Expatriate academics: An era of higher education internationalization Jan Selmer, Jodie-Lee Trembath and Jakob Lauring 18. Sports expatriates Harald Dolles and Birnir Egilsson 19. Expatriates in Aidland: Humanitarian aid and development expatriates Anthony Fee PART V RESEARCHING EXPATRIATES AND EXPATRIATES AS RESEARCHERS 20. Methodological issues in expatriate studies and future directions Phyllis Tharenou 21. Expatriate research for and with practitioners Michael Dickmann 22. Case study research on expatriates Julia Richardson PART VI FUTURE DIRECTIONS IN EXPATRIATE RESEARCH 23. Biculturals, monoculturals and Adult Third Culture Kids: Individual differences in identities and outcomes Kathrin J. Hanek 24. Global families Min Wan, Romila Singh and Margaret A. Shaffer 25. Publishing research on expatriates: Advice for PhD candidates and early career researchers Jan Selmer and Yvonne McNulty Index
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