Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law

Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law

The Impact of the Damages Directive

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Contents: Preface 1. Introduction Pier Luigi Parcu, Giorgio Monti, Marco Botta 2. Practical Challenges for Cross-Border Follow-On Actions Till Schreiber, Carsten Kruger and Padraic Burke 3. Liability issues not codified by the Damages Directive: how to fill such gaps? Giorgio Monti 4. The Role of Economics in EU Private Antitrust Enforcement: Theoretical Framework, Empirical Methods and Practical Issues Pier Luigi Parcu, Maria Alessandra Rossi 5. Private antitrust enforcement in England and Wales after the EU Damages Directive: Where are we heading? Sebastian Peyer 6. Private enforcement of antitrust law in Belgium and the Netherlands - is there a race to attract antitrust damages actions? Simon Vande Walle 7. Antitrust Damages Claims in Spain: Before and After the Damages Directive Jeronimo Maillo 8. Private Antitrust Enforcement in France: Analysis of substantive and procedural challenges in light of the most recent case law Silvia Solidoro 9. The Implementation of the Damages Directive in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia: An Overview of Practical Issues and Challenges Anna Renata Pisarkiewicz Index
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