Private Enforcement of Eu Competition Law

Private Enforcement of Eu Competition Law

The Impact of the Damages Directive

Botta, Marco; Monti, Giorgio; Parcu, Pier L.

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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During the past decade, the use of private enforcement within competition law has gradually increased throughout Europe but major differences still exist among Member States.
- Contents: 1. Introduction Pier Luigi Parcu, Giorgio Monti and Marco Botta 2. Practical Challenges for Cross-Border Follow-On Actions Till Schreiber, Carsten Kruger and Padraic Burke 3. Liability issues not codified by the Damages Directive: how to fill such gaps? Giorgio Monti 4. The Role of Economics in EU Private Antitrust Enforcement. Theoretical Framework, Empirical Methods and Practical Issues Pier Luigi Parcu and Maria Alessandra Rossi 5. Private antitrust enforcement in England and Wales after the EU Damages Directives: Where are we heading? Sebastian Peyer 6. Private enforcement of antitrust law in Belgium and the Netherlands - is there a race to attract antitrust damages actions? Simon Vande Walle 7. Antitrust Damages Claims in Spain: Before and After the Damages Directive Jeronimo Maillo 8. Private Antitrust Enforcement in France: Analysis of substantive and procedural challenges in light of the most recent case law Silvia Solidoro 9. The Implementation of the Damages Directive in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia: An Overview of Practical Issues and Challenges Anna Renata Pisarkiewicz Index
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