Ngos, Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

Ngos, Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

Measuring the Impact of Ngos on Intergovernmental Organisations

Irrera, Daniela

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Daniela Irrera explores the relationship between non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organisations (IGOs).
Contents: Introduction 1. Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisations: Theoretical Overview 2. The Dialogue with the United Nations and the European Union 3. Non-Governmental Organisations and Humanitarian Action 4. Humanitarian NGOs and the UN Peace and Security Institutions 5. Humanitarian NGOs and the EU Security and Foreign Policy Institutions 6. NGOs' Roles in Peace Operations. A Survey Analysis Conclusions References Appendix 1: List of Humanitarian NGOs' Representatives Appendix 2: HNGOSRep Questionnaire: NGOs' Roles in Peace Missions and Humanitarian Interventions Index
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