Naming Adult Autism

Naming Adult Autism

Culture, Science, Identity

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Introduction/ 1. Outsider Science and Literary Exclusion: A Reply to Denials of Autistic Imagination: Childhood Autism and the Psychiatric Imagination/Autism and the Machine/ Computer Coding and/as Literature: Douglas Coupland's Microserfs/ Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake: Autism and Literary Exclusion/ Inaccuracies in Baron-Cohen's "Minds Wired for Science" Narrative/ Bias in the Adult Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test (2001)/ Re-membering Autistic Imagination: Asperger, Wing, and Harro L./ Silberman's Neurotribes: Science, Science Fiction and Autism/ Autistic Responses to Atwood's Oryx and Crake/ The SySTEMizing Focus and its Implications for Autistic Diversity/ 2. Metaphors and Mirrors: The Otherness of Adult Autism/ Picking Up The Mirror: Enfreaking Normalcy/ Infantilizing Adult Autism in Diagnostic Observations/ Autism and Disorder: Foucault, Confinement and Cultural Fear/ The Screen as Mirror: The Office (UK) and the Neurotypical Gaze/ Post-Curious: Adult Autism as Cultural Spectacle in Big Bang Theory and The Accountant/ Autism, Metaphor and Metonymy/ Challenging the Myth of Autistic Narcissism/ Mirror Neuron' Theory and the Normative Stare/ Otherizing Autism Parents: Refrigerator Psychiatrists and their 21st-century Spectres/ The Who's Tommy (1969) and the Cultural Onset of Metaphorical Autism/ Autism and the Person: Les Murray's It Allows A Portrait In Linescan At Fifteen'/ Normativity Through the Looking-Glass: Joanne Limburg's The Autistic Alice/ 3. Against the New Classic' Adult Autism: Narratives of Gender, Intersectionality and Progression/ Patriarchy and Autism: The Cambridge Autism Research Centre and the Extreme Male Brain'/ The Extreme Male Gaze: Scientific Evidence' on Autism and Testosterone/ Fictions of the New Classic' Autism/ Neurodiversity, The Bridge and Autistic Adherence to Rules'/ Kay Mellor's The Syndicate: Class, Criminality, Race and Adult Autism/ Clare Morrall's The Language of Others (2008): Intersectionality, Autism and Womanhood/ Family and Phenotype: Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings/ Cultural Disability/ 4. Title' [sic]/ 5. Performing the Names of Autism/ Naming the Self Autistic/ Anger, Faith, and the Realization of Asperger Syndrome: Les Murray's The Tune On Your Mind'/ The Politics of a Name: Aspies, DSM-5 and the Psychiatric Retraction of Asperger Syndrome/ Autism, Performativity and Performance/ Autistic Criticism 1: Revisiting E. M. Forster's Howards End/ Autistic Criticism 2: Neurodiverse Meeting Points in Mad World'/ Bibliography/ Index
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