Knowledge, Policymaking and Learning for European Cities and Regions

Knowledge, Policymaking and Learning for European Cities and Regions

From Research to Practice

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Contents: Introduction PART I Theoretical Framework: Learning Knowledge for Policymaking 1. The research-policy nexus: boundaries, bonding and ten golden rules Alessandro Colombo 2. Theories on policy learning: Existing approaches and future challenges Stephane Moyson and Peter Scholten 3. Methodological challenges for policy learning Paola Coletti and Giulia Urso 4. Learning across cities and regions: The limits to transferring "best practice" Dominic Stead and Dorina Pojani PART II Experiences of Policy-Oriented Research in Cities and Regions 5. Spatial knowledge for regional governance: toward an alternative map of Castilla y Leon Mario Paris and Juan Luis de las Rivas Sanz 6. Eupolis Lombardia: Practising Research-Policy Dialogue for a Regional Government Sabrina Bandera and Maria Chiara Cattaneo 7. Knowledge Serving the City? Brokerage, Production and Sharing in Brussels Joost Vaesen and Benjamin Wayens 8. Scotland: a thriving environment for policy entrepreneurship? Serafin Pazos-Vidal 9. Dutch experiences of policy mobility in urban planning Dominic Stead and Dorina Pojani 10. Knowledge governance in sustainable development: a comparative case study Alwin Gerritsen, Marian Stuiver and Catrien Termeer PART III In-Formation: Experiences and Reflections from an Incoming Revolution 11. Policy learning in times of big data analytics: The challenges of skill-based outsourcing Sarah Giest 12. Visual framing for policy learning: Internet as the 'eye of the public' Tamara Metze 13. Knowledge, Urban policy-making and citizen participation: a democratic challenge Franziska Eckardt, Willem-Jan Velderman and Paul Benneworth 14. Beyond big data, the open data revolution for research Paul Benneworth, Inge Bakker and Willem-Jan Velderman 15. Smart cities, towards smart governance? Tassilo Herrschel PART IV Towards New Theoretical Models: Open Challenges 16. Evaluating coordination and learning within governance: open epistemological issues Dan Greenwood 17. What role for policy studies in a post-truth politics? Adrian Healy 18. Knowledge Governance: Theoretical and Empirical Reflections on territorial innovation policy Alwin Gerritsen and Nicola Francesco Dotti 19. Knowledge for policymaking: an evolutionary perspective to achieve policy resilience Nicola Francesco Dotti and Annalisa Colombino PART V Lessons Learnt 20. Conclusions on Research-Policy Dialogues Nicola Francesco Dotti and Alessandro Colombo Index
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