Islamic Wealth Management

Islamic Wealth Management

Theory and Practice


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Contents: Preface Part I: Definition and Concepts 1. Wealth as Understood in Economics and Finance Mohamed Ariff and Shamsher Mohamad 2. Wealth from the Shariah Perspective Mohamed A. Gadhoum 3. Wealth Management, its Definition, Purpose, Structure and Practices Mohamed Ariff Part II: Governance of Institutions and Markets 4. Governance Framework in Islamic Financial Institutions Zulkarnain M. Sori, Shamsher Mohamad and M. Eskandar Shah Rasid 5. Shariah Boards: Practical Challenges for Islamic Financial Institutions Shamsher Mohamad, Zulkarnain M. Sori and M. Eskandar Shah Rasid 6. Property Rights and Shariah Non-Compliance Risk Saiful A. Rosly Part III: Wealth Creating Institutions and Markets 7. Sovereign Wealth Funds and Foreign Exchange Reserves as State Wealth John Farrar and Mohamed Ariff 8. Sovereign Wealth Funds in OIC Group Faruk Habib and Abbas Mirakhor 9. Application of Conventional Benchmark in Islamic Wealth Management Mohamed A. Gadhoum and Shamsher Mohamad 10. Benchmarks for Islamic Asset Pricing Abbas Mirakhor 11. Sukuk as the Islamic Debt Market Securities within Islamic Finance Mohamed Ariff 12. The Sukuk Market in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges Gulsum C. Dolgun and Muhammed H. Dolgun 13. Wealth Effect of Sukuk Issuance Announcement in Two Markets Ziyaad Mahomed, Mohamed Ariff and Shamsher Mohamad Part IV: Preserving and Protecting Wealth 14. Challenges for the Takaful Industry Syed O. Alhabshi 15. Wealth Purification Ahcene Lahsasna Part V: Wealth Distribution 16. Faraid as Islamic Inheritance Laws: Socio-Economic Impact on Investments Adelina Zuleikha and Shamsher Mohamad 17. Waqf in Shariah: Basic Rules and Applications Mazen El Khatib 18. Framework for International Waqf Foundation Jamaliah Abdul Thahir 19. Potential for Wealth Creation from Waqf Assets Magda I.A. Mohsin and Shaikh H.A. Razak 20. Zakat in Islamic Wealth Management Ziyaad Mahomed 21. Issues in Waqf and Zakat Management Mohamed Ariff and Shamsher Mohamad Index
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