Handbook on the Geographies of Corruption

Handbook on the Geographies of Corruption

Warf, Barney

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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The Handbook on the Geographies of Corruption is a comprehensive overview of corruption, exploring the immense variation of corruption among nations, and how this reflects levels of wealth, the centralization of power, colonial legacies, and different national cultures.
Contents: 1. Introduction to the Handbook on the Geographies of Corruption Barney Warf Part I: Themes for Understanding Corruption 2. Causes and Effects of Corruption: New Developments in Empirical Research Sufyan Dabbous and Eugen Dimant 3. Effects of Corruption on Human Capital and Economic Growth in Developing Countries Asma Sghaier and Asma Guizani 4. Gender and Corruption: Institutions and Mechanisms of Accountability Helena Olofsdotter Stensoeta and Lena Wangnerud 5. World Regional Geographies of Corruption Barney Warf 6. The Consequences of Corruption Dominik H. Enste and Christina Heldman 7. E-Government and Corruption: A Review Nasr G. Elbahnasawy Part II: National Case Studies 8. Corruption in Mexico: Continuity Amid Change Stephen Morris 9. Persistent Malfeasance Despite Institutional Innovations and Public Outcry: A Survey of Corruption in Brazil Kelly Senters and Matthew S. Winters 10. Corruption in East Central Europe: Has EU Membership Helped? Agnes Batory 11. Corruption in Ukraine: Soviet Legacy, Failed Reforms and Political Risks Johannes Leitner and Hannes Meissner 12. Corruption in Russia Gunther G. Schulze and Nikita Zakharov 13. Turkey's Fight against Corruption: Current State and the Road Ahead Alfredo Jimenez, Secil Bayraktar, and Mesut Eren 14. Wasta in the Arab World: An Overview Marcus Marktanner and Maureen Wilson 15. Corruption and State Capture in South Africa: Will the Institutions Hold? Karl Z. Meyer and John M. Luiz 16. Drugs and Corruption in Former Soviet Central Asia Filippo De Danieli 17. Pakistan: A Study in Corruption Feisal Khan 18. Corruption in Bangladesh: Insights from the Financial Sector Mohammad Nurunnabi 19. Corruption in China Vanesa Pesque-Cela 20. An Ambivalent State: The Crossover of Corruption and Violence in the Philippines Cleo Calimbahin 21. Indonesia: Why Democratization Has Not Reduced Corruption Marcus Mietzner Index
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