Handbook on the Family and Marriage in China

Handbook on the Family and Marriage in China


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Contents: 1. State of the field: The family and marriage in China Xiaowei Zang and Lucy Xia Zhao 2. The effects of demographic change on marriage and the family in China Dudley L. Poston 3. Changes in Chinese urban family structure Yan Ruth Xia and Anqi Xu 4. Mate selection, intimacy, and marital love in Chinese Society William Jankowiak 5. Mate selection in rural China Jing Song and Lulu Li 6. Foreign-related marriages in contemporary China, 1979-2013 Pan Wang 7. Educational homogamy Lijun Song, Rachel Skaggs, and Cleothia Frazier 8. China's 'Leftover Women': Myths and realities Arianne M. Gaetano 9. Son preference and the marriage squeeze in China Shuzhuo Li, Quanbao Jiang, and Marcus Feldman 10. Marriage squeeze and mate selection in China Lisa Eklund and Isabelle Attane 11. China's one-child policy and the changing family Xiaotian Feng, Dudley L. Poston, and Xiaotao Wang 12. Family planning and fertility transition in China Stuart Gietel-Basten 13. Fertility patterns on family finance in rural China Weili Ding 14. Parental investment in children's schooling in China Ming-Hsuan Lee 15. Childlessness and the well-being of Chinese seniors Weiguo Zhang 16. Gender patterns in financial support to parents in China Haiyan Zhu 17. Filial piety and old-age support in China: tradition, continuity, and change Zhanlian Feng 18. Childhood, children, and family lives in China Jane Ribbens McCarthy and Ann Phoenix, with Guo Yu and Xiaoli Xu 19. Globalisation and international adoption from China Monica Dowling 20. Marital construction of family decision-making power Jiping Zuo 21. Marital instability in post-reform China Xiaohe Xu and Donna Miller 22. Marriage and suicide among women in rural China Jie Zhang 23. Death in the family - Bereavement and mourning in contemporary China Amy Y.M. Chow 24. Transgender in China Howard Chiang 25. Family and marriage in contemporary Taiwan Wen-Shan Yang 26. The marriage institution in Hong Kong: Past and present Kwok-fai Ting Index
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