Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China

Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China

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Contents: Foreword by Roger W. Vickerman xvi 1 Introduction to the Handbook on Transport and Urban Transformation in China 1 Chia-Lin Chen, Haixiao Pan, Qing Shen and James Jixian Wang PART I TRANSPORT PLANNING: TERRITORIAL RESTRUCTURING AND DEVELOPMENT 2 Port-city development in China 19 James Jixian Wang 3 Highway development in China 36 Xin Fu 4 High-speed rail and its wider spatial-economic impact on transformation of Chinese cities and regions: a multi-level analysis 60 Chia-Lin Chen 5 Probing into China's air-HSR integration: a policy analysis 83 Xueming (Jimmy) Chen 6 The interrelations between railway station and its neighbouring areas: a case study of Guangzhou Station 100 Xiaoxing Zhang and Yinsheng Tian 7 A Chinese approach to "transit oriented development" (TOD) 116 Ming Zhang 8 Non-motorized transport development in Chinese cities 131 Yang Tang 9 Transport and rural development in China 150 Dijia Gong PART II TRANSPORT, ENVIRONMENT AND TECHNOLOGY 10 Transport and air quality in China 168 Chao Liu and Zhong-Ren Peng 11 Effects of rail transit proximity on commuter CO2 emissions in the suburbs of Shanghai 182 Haixiao Pan and Peng Wei 12 ICTs and changes in activity-travel behavior in urban China: existing research and future directions 198 Yue Shen, Na Ta, Mei-Po Kwan and Feng Zhen 13 The rise of online ride-hailing services and their impact on urban transport in China 212 Shaoqing Huang 14 Are Beijing and Shanghai automobile dependent cities? 229 Yuan Gao and Peter Newman PART III TRAVEL, PEOPLE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE 15 Mobility and the Chinese dream 247 Austin Rhys Williams 16 Impact of individuals' commuting trips on satisfaction and subjective well-being: evidence from Xi'an, China 266 Runing Ye and Helena Titheridge 17 Public transport and private travel preferences: a comparative study between Chinese and Australian communities 286 Shaoli Wang, Carey Curtis and Jan Scheurer 18 Urban transport inequality in transition China: exploring the social inequality of commuting 302 Pengjun Zhao 19 Transport, social equity and capabilities in East Beijing 317 Mengqiu Cao and Robin Hickman PART IV REFORM, GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT MODELS 20 Railway reform in China 334 Jianhong Wu, Yiqin Liu, Zhaoxia Kang and Yixiao Wang 21 Planning intercity railway systems in China's mega-city regions: the case of the Pearl River Delta 355 Jiang Xu 22 Challenges to transnational learning: a comparative study of Jinan and Kunming, China 375 Alainna Thomas 23 China's urban transport policy: from car-oriented to people-oriented cities 390 Bo Quan and Dingyuan Xu 24 South-south policy transfer? Transit oriented development from China to sub-Saharan Africa 404 Keqi Si, Tsega Gebrekrstos Wereta and Dorina Pojani 25 Conclusion: informing transportation planning and policymaking for a better urban future 421 Qing Shen Index 437
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