Handbook of the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment

Handbook of the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment

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Contents: 1. The politics of labour, work and employment Gregor Gall PART I Foundations for Understanding the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment 2. A theoretical framework for labour, work, and employment research Bruce E. Kaufman 3. Pre- and post-capitalist labour, work and employment Neil Davidson 4. Labour, work and employment in the age of globalised neo-liberalism Jason Heyes and Thomas Hastings 5. The neo-liberal state and the regulation of class relations Chris Howell 6. Different types of societal regulation - coordinated market economy, social democracy, aspiration of worker control Greg Patmore 7. The politics and diversity of worker representation: the increasing fluidity and challenge of representation Miguel Martinez Lucio and Stephen Mustchin 8. Employers and their representatives: discretion, power, markets, and managers in the transformation of twenty first century work Gerald Friedman 9. Juridification in industrial relations Alan Bogg 10. The moral economy: flexible employment and layers of disconnection Sharon C. Bolton and Knut Laaser PART II Aspects of the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment 11. Managing labour and the labour process Bill Harley 12. Who manages the managers? Graham Sewell 13. Beyond the workplace: how civil society organisations attempt to exercise regulatory influence over work and employment Steve Williams and Brian Abbott 14. Types of work and labour Rachel Lara Cohen 15. Non-standard work and non-standard workers Vicki Smith and Brian Halpin 16. Non-remunerated work Colin C Williams 17. Skills and the social value of work Patricia Findlay 18. The expansion of the labour market and the politics of migration Gabriella Alberti 19. Gender segregation and labour market institutions Siobhan Austen, Therese Jefferson and Linley Lord 20. Labour market, work and employment segregation by race Steve Jefferys 21. Training and development - whose interests are being served? Mark Stuart 22. Kinship and community networks Robert MacKenzie, Zyama Ciupijus and Chris Forde Index
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