Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management

Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management

Second Edition


Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Contents: Foreword: toward a new economics by Lester M. Salamon Introduction: the expanding frontiers of economics and nonprofit management research - revisited Bruce A. Seaman and Dennis R. Young 1. Income diversity and nonprofit financial health Cyril F. Chang, Howard P. Tuckman and Grace L. Chikoto-Schultz 2. Revenue Interactions: crowding out, crowding in, or neither? Daniel Tinkelman and Daniel Gordon Neely 3. Public policies and private foundations: payout rates and the (dreaded) excise tax Patrick Rooney, Richard Sansing and Jon Bergdoll 4. Capital structure Marc Jegers 5. Asset composition Woods Bowman, Thad Calabrese and Elizabeth Searing 6. Competition and collaboration: When are they good for the the nonprofit sector? Teresa D. Harrison and Renee A. Irvin 7. Markets with competition between for-profit and nonprofit firms Eleanor Brown and Alan Slivinski 8. Nonprofit wages: theory and evidence Barry T. Hirsch, David A. Macpherson, and Anne E. Preston 9. Modeling nonprofit behavior Patricia Hughes and William Luksetich 10. Static and dynamic pricing strategies: How unique for nonprofits? Bruce A. Seaman 11. Nonprofits and the value of risk management Martin F. Grace 12. Contracting out Salvatore Alaimo 13. Product diversification and commercial ventures Sharon M. Oster 14. Internal organization and governance Ermanno C. Tortia and Vladislav Valentinov 15. Franchises and federations: the economics of multi-site nonprofit organizations Dennis R. Young and Lewis Faulk 16. The valuation of volunteer labor Neil Bania and Laura Leete 17. Assessing nonprofit performance Joseph J. Cordes and Katherine Coventry 18. Social accounting for value creation in nonprofits Laurie Mook and Femida Handy 19. State and federal tax policy toward nonprofit organizations: James Alm and Daniel Teles 20. The property tax exemption for nonprofits David L. Sjoquist and Rayna Stoycheva 21. Government funding policies Stefan Toepler 22. The social economy: an international comparison Jack Quarter and Laurie Mook 23. Nonprofit organizations and the macroeconomy Richard Steinberg Index
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