Handbook of Research on NGOs

Handbook of Research on NGOs


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Contents: Preface 1. NGOs and global politics Aynsley Kellow and Hannah Murphy-Gregory PART I INTRODUCTION TO NGOs 2. The historical development of NGOs Thomas Davies 3. NGOs in the History of Intergovernmental Organizations Bob Reinalda 4. NGOs as Insider Participants: Evolution of the role of NGOs at the United Nations Peter Willetts 5. A Return to the Classification Problem: Revising a Framework for Studying NGOs Anna C. Vakil 6. Quantifying NGOs Elizabeth A. Bloodgood PART II GLOBAL POLICY AREAS 7. NGOs and gender equality Jutta Joachim 8. Non-Governmental Development Organisations Hartmut Elsenhans and Hannes Warnecke-Berger 9. NGOs and global economic policy institutions Hannah Murphy-Gregory 10. NGOs and human rights Anja Mihr 11. NGOs and climate politics Aynsley Kellow 12. The Rise of Tax Justice NGOs and the New Politics of Corporate Taxation Ainsley Elbra 13. Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations Timothy Doyle 14. The Multiple Dilemmas of Consumer Associations in Global Politics Karsten Ronit PART III SOME ISSUES 15. NGOs and accountability Dennis Redeker and Kerstin Martens 16. NGOs and private governance/certification challenges Fred Gale 17. Going global: French NGOs "without borders" Johanna Simeant-Germanos 18. The Rise of NGOs in the People's Republic of China Carolyn L. Hsu 19. NGOs in the European Union Justin Greenwood 20. NGOs and Religion: Instrumentalisation and its Discontents Philip Fountain and Marie Juul Petersen 21. NGOs and multi-level, multi-arena governance Aynsley Kellow and Hannah Murphy-Gregory Index
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