Handbook of Research Methods in Corporate Social Responsibility

Handbook of Research Methods in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Contents: Introduction David Crowther and Linne Marie Lauesen PART I: METHODOLOGY PLANNING 1. Grounded theory in corporate social responsibility research Vilma Zydziunaite and Loreta Tauginiene 2. Using a mixed methods approach for corporate social responsibility research Jane Claydon 3. Imperative of meta-study for research in the field of corporate social responsibility and emerging issues in corporate governance Lukman Raimi 4. Ethics in the research process David Crowther 5. Research methods in organization, management and management accounting: an evaluation of quantitative and qualitative approaches Miriam Green 6. Methodological and epistemological perspectives in the study of corporate social responsibility in Colombia Duvan Emilio Ramirez Ospina and Jose Fernando Munoz Ospina PART II: QUANTITATIVE METHODS 7. Game theory as a research tool for sustainability Shahla Seifi 8. Key concerns in longitudinal study design Rima Kalinauskaite 9. Sampling and sampling procedures in corporate social responsibility research Habib Zaman Khan and Md. Rashidozzaman Khan 10. Food deserts in British cities: comparing food access, obesity, and ethnicity in Leicester and Stoke on Trent Hillary J. Shaw 11. The application of statistical methods in CSR research Christopher Boachie and George K. Amoako 12. Regression techniques and their application in the corporate social responsibility domain: an overview Sonali Bhattacharya, Madhvi Sethi, Abhishek Behl and V.G. Venkatesh PART III: QUALITATIVE METHODS 13. Analytic autoethnography as a tool to enhance reflection, reflexivity and critical thinking in CSR research Fernanda de Paiva Duarte 14. Insights regarding the applicability of semiotics to CSR communication research Kemi C. Yekini 15. Ethnographic research methods in CSR research: building theory out of people's everyday life with materials, objects, practices, and symbolic constructions Linne Marie Lauesen 16. Interviews as an instrument to explore management motivation for corporate social and environmental reporting Homaira Semeen and Muhammad Azizul Islam 17. Participant observation as the data collection tool and its usage in the CSR researches Ilke Oruc 18. Application of correspondence analysis to determinants of human resources disclosure Esther Ortiz and Jose G. Clavel 19. The application of survey methodology in CSR research Christopher Boachie 20. Content analysis method: a proposed scoring for quantitative and qualitative disclosures Juniati Gunawan and Kumalawati Abadi 21. Focus groups in social accounting as a stakeholder engagement tool Sara Moggi 22. A phenomenological study of moral discourse, social justice and CSR Julia J.A. Shaw 23. Social network analysis in CSR research Duygu Turker 24. Theoretical storytelling as meta-frame for all research methods in corporate social responsibility Linne Marie Lauesen PART IV: FUTURE RESEARCH AGENDA 25. Philosophical prolegomena to all future research in CSR Nicholas Capaldi 26. Beyond strategic CSR: the concept of responsibility as the foundation of ethics - political, technological and economic responsibility for the future of humanity Jacob Dahl Rendtorff 27. From positivism to social constructivism: an emerging trend for CSR researchers Martin Samy and Fiona Robertson Index
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