Handbook of Input-Output Analysis

Handbook of Input-Output Analysis

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Contents: 1. Introduction Thijs ten Raa 2. Early Days of the Input-Output Table Douglas S. Meade 3. The Supply and Use Framework of National Accounts Joerg Beutel 4. The Construction of Input-Output Coefficients Jose M. Rueda-Cantuche 5. Environmental Footprints Richard Wood 6. Multipliers, Factor Contents, and Productivity Thijs ten Raa 7. Input-Output Tables and the Interconnectedness of the Service Industries Giovanni Russo and Laura Chies 8. Input-Output Analysis of International Trade Bart Los 9. Environmental Economics Kim Swales and Karen Turner 10. General Equilibrium Analysis Kurt Kratena 11. Input-Output Based General Equilibrium Analysis of Efficiency Victoria Shestalova 12. Uncertainty Treatment in Input-Output Analysis Umed Temursho 13. Dynamic Input-Output Analysis Yasuhide Okuyama 14. Prospects Thijs ten Raa Index
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