Global Governance and Democracy

Global Governance and Democracy

A Multidisciplinary Analysis

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Contents: Foreword Thomas G. Weiss 1. Introduction. Global Governance and Democracy: Invitation to an Interdisciplinary Dialogue Emilie Becault, Matthias Lievens, Jan Wouters and Antoon Braeckman PART I GLOBAL GOVERNANCE AND ITS DEMOCRATIC LEGITIMACY 2. Can We Democratize Global Governance? Two Guiding Scenarios Based on a Narrative Approach Alessandro Mulieri 3. The Value of the Ideal of Democracy in Global Governance Haye Hazenberg PART II GLOBAL GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY: THE STATE OF THE ART OF DEBATES IN FOUR KEY ISSUE AREAS 4. Democratizing Global Environmental Governance? The Case of Transnational Climate Governance Emilie Becault 5. Democratic Global (Economic) Governance and the Emergence of the G20 Sven Van Kerckhoven and Christophe Crombez 6. Global Business and Human Rights Governance: The Case of Corporate Social Responsibility Stephanie Bijlmakers and Geert van Calster 7. Enforcement in Global Security Governance: Navigating Great Power Confabulation in the United Nations Security Council Kenneth Chan and Jan Wouters PART III TRANSCENDING THE STATE OF THE ART OF RESEARCH ON GLOBAL GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY 8. Global Governance and the Challenges of Diversity Colleen Carroll and Emilie Becault 9. Re-Conceptualizing The Challenges for Theories of Democracy Alessandro Mulieri, Antoon Braeckman and Tim Heysse PART IV SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 10. Democratic Legitimacy and Global Governance: A Research Agenda Matthias Lievens, Emilie Becault, Antoon Braeckman and Jan Wouters Index
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