Exploring the EU's Legitimacy Crisis

Exploring the EU's Legitimacy Crisis

The Dark Heart of Europe

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Contents: 1. Introduction: The Process of Institutionalised European Integration and the Permissive Consensus of the First Four Decades 2. After Maastricht: How the EU Started Losing its Citizens 3. Who Calls the Shots? the EU's Unstable Leadership Constellation Between Bipolarity, Variable Geometry and Semi-Hegemony 4. Towards a Core-Periphery Divide: the Financial Crisis and the New Wave of Technocratic Spill-Over 5. Freedom Without a Purpose? - The Flaws of the Single European Market 6. The 2014 European Parliament Elections and the Limited Success of the Spitzenkandidaten System 7. Managing Instability and Insecurity in the Neighbourhood: the EU's Disjointed External Relations 8. Rebuilding Public Trust in the European Project: Concluding Recommendations Index
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