Elgar Companion to Social Capital and Health

Elgar Companion to Social Capital and Health


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Contents: 1. Introduction Sherman Folland and Eric Nauenberg PART I Theories on how social capital improves health 2. How does social capital contribute to health? Sherman Folland 3. History of social capital and health M. Kamrul Islam 4. How social capital arises in areas Tor Iversen and Tigist Woldetsadik Sommeno PART II Special inquiries on social capital and health 5. Social capital and health across the life cycle Eric Nauenberg 6. Religious and social capital and health Ephraim Shapiro and Chen Sharony PART III Empirical evidence: does social capital improve health? 7. Social capital in epidemiology Martin Lindstroem 8. Social capital and aging brain health Nicole D. Anderson 9. Social capital and types of illnesses: Where is it most effective? M. Kamrul Islam, Sherman Folland and Oddvar Martin Kaarboe 10. Social capital and risk-taking behavior Sherman Folland PART IV Causality issues 11. Social capital and health interventions: Enhancing social capital to improve health Jean Guo, Setti Rais Ali and Lise Rochaix 12. Does health affect social capital? Hope Corman, Kelly Noonan and Nancy E. Reichman 13. Trust promotes health: addressing reverse causality by studying children of immigrants Martin Ljunge 14. Workplace social capital and sickness absence M. Kamrul Islam and Lorenzo Rocco PART V Sociology and social capital 15. Network approaches to the study of social capital and health Spencer Moore, Stephanie Child, Yun-Hsuan Wu and Jennifer Mandelbaum 16. Do network members' resources generate health inequality? Social capital theory and beyond Lijun Song, Cleothia G. Frazier and Philip J. Pettis PART VI Social capital and health in world development 17. Social capital and health inequalities in developing countries: A case study for Indonesia Florence Jusot and Marta Menendez 18. Social capital and economic growth Soumyananda Dinda Index
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