Economics of the Marine

Economics of the Marine

Modelling Natural Resources

Morrissey, Karyn

Rowman & Littlefield International






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This book uses multidisciplinary approaches from economics, geography and policy analysis to explore the spatial economics of the marine.
1. Introducing the marine economy / 2.The marine economy: An International perspective/ 3. Accounting the marine economy: Capturing Economic change through time series data / 4. The marine sector and the regions / 5. The economic impact of the marine sector on the regions: A Location Quotient Approach / 6. Regional development and marine clusters / 7. Marine clusters: specialization or diversity? / 8. From national to regional to local: a spatial microsimulation model for the marine / 9. The marine sector: a panacea in peripheral or deprived areas? Some reflections. / 10. Conclusion
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