Economics as Anatomy

Economics as Anatomy

Radical Innovation in Empirical Economics

Swann, G. M.P.

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Peter Swann argues that economics as a discipline needs both perspectives in order to create the maximum beneficial effect for the economy. Swann argues that economics should follow the example of many other disciplines, transitioning from one field to a range of semi-autonomous sub-disciplines.
Contents: Preface PART I RE-APPRAISAL 1. Introduction 2. How Good are Econometric Results? 3. Assumptions in Empirical Economics 4. Three Types of Rigour 5. Misinterpreting Kelvin's Maxim 6. Myths about Case Studies 7. Discontent in the Academy 8. Wider Discontent PART II INNOVATION 9. Economics of Innovation 10. Incremental Innovation in Economics 11. Radical Innovation in Economics PART III THE FEDERATION 12. Why Emulate Medicine? 13. Economic Anatomy 14. Economic Physiology 15. Economic Pathology 16. Pathology in the Economics Discipline 17. Multidisciplinary Hybrids 18. Practitioner Hybrids 19. And Many Others ... 209 20. Will the Federation Survive? References Index
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