Digital Democracy in a Globalized World

Digital Democracy in a Globalized World

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Contents: Introduction 1. Digitalization through the lens of law and democracy Maurice Adams and Corien Prins Part I Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives 2. E-democracy, the global citizen, and multilevel constitutionalism Ingolf Pernice 3. In search of the Holy Grail: a principled approach to multistakeholder governance in internet policy-making Nicolo Zingales, Roxana Radu 4. The broken promises of democracy in the information era Ugo Pagallo 5. Depoliticization in the digital infosphere: When communication runs counter-democratic Emre Bayamlioglu 6. The ambivalence of the impact of digitalization on democracy through the lens of privacy and transparency Colette Cuijpers 7. Election integrity: the constitutionality of transitioning to electronic voting in comparative terms Rivka Weill Part II Case Studies 8. Digital democracy in Brazil: is technology a game-changer? Monica Steffen Guise Rosina, Luiz Fernando Marrey Moncau and Eduardo Alves Lazzari 9. Deliberative democracy and digital urban design in a Canadian city: The case of the McGill Online Design Studio Hoi L. Kong, Nik Luka, Jaimie Cudmore and Andrea Dumas 10. Digital support for enhanced democratic participation in US rulemaking Cynthia R. Farina, Cheryl L. Blake, Mary Newhart and Chaebong Nam 11. The European Citizens' Initiative: an effective tool to promote a digital European democracy? Marie-Jose Garot 12. Digital tools and the derailment of Icelands new constitution Thorvaldur Gylfason and Anne Meuwese 13. Digital democracy in Belgium and the Netherlands. A socio-legal analysis of technologies, embedding and expectations of two Fourth Wave innovations Koen van Aeken 14. Digitization and democracy in China: the new Hunger Games Bo Zhao 15. Internet censorship in India: Internet censorship in India: the law and beyond Arpan Banerjee Epilogue 16. Technology, Democracy, and Institutional Change Peter L. Lindseth Index
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