Decolonizing Democracy

Decolonizing Democracy

Power in a Solid State

Sanin-Restrepo, Ricardo

Rowman & Littlefield International






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In order to achieve a true democracy, this book explores different political and philosophical traditions that do not necessarily seem to speak in unison, notwithstanding their common goal: to propose an alternative to hard-line neo-liberalism, Western hegemony and coloniality.
Acknowledgements / 1. Coloniality: Decrypting Power in a Solid State / 2. First Definition of Democracy: The Hidden People as the Dark Energy of Power / 3. Difference and Simulacra: The Poisoned Gift of Platonism / 4. The Plastic Soul of Democracy: Power Between Potentia, Potestas, and Actuality / 5. The Phantom Pain of Civilization: Against Negri's Understanding of Spinoza / Bibliography / Index
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