Critical Reflections on Interactive Governance

Critical Reflections on Interactive Governance

Self-organization and Participation in Public Governance


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Contents: 1. Introduction: Three Reflecting Perspectives on Interactive Governance Jurian Edelenbos and Ingmar van Meerkerk 2. Interactive Governance and Governability Jan Kooiman 3. Forms of Governance and Policy Problems: Coping with Complexity B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre 4. Interactive Governance: A Challenge to Institutionalism Henrik P. Bang 5. Democratic Transfer: Everyday Neoliberalism, Hegemony and the Prospects for Democratic Renewal Hendrik Wagenaar 6. Interactive - or counteractive - governance? Lessons learned about citizen participation and political leadership Asbjorn Roiseland and Signy Irene Vabo 7. Interactive Governance: Authorisation, Representation, and Accountability Yannis Papadopoulos 8. Making Good Citizens: Power and Empowerment in Community Development Programmes in Nepal Tina Sondergard Madsen and Peter Triantafillou 9. What Do Public Officials Think About Citizens? The Role of Public Officials' Trust and Their Perceptions of Citizens' Trustworthiness in Interactive Governance Stephane Moyson, Steven Van De Walle and Sandra Groeneveld 10. Governance In Flux: A Study of Irrigator Compliance in South Australia Jonathan Sobels 11. Community Self-Organization: Potentials and Pitfalls Bas Denters 12. What Has Co-Production Ever Done for Interactive Governance? Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler 13. Interactive Governance and the Social Construction of Citizens as Co-Creators William Voorberg and Victor Bekkers 14. Social Enterprises in Rural Community Governance: Evidence From Tasmania Mary Duniam and Robyn Eversole 15. Public Engagement, Governance, and the Pursuit of Equity in Contemporary Urban Revitalization: Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) With Public Versus Nonprofit Developers Kelly L. Patterson, Molly Ranahan, Robert Mark Silverman and Li Yin 16. Governments and Self-Organization: A Hedgehog's Dilemma Taco Brandsen 17. Doing What's Necessary: How Encounters in Practice Shape and Improve Interactive Governance Koen P.R. Bartels 18. Joint Fact-Finding: An Approach for Advancing Interactive Governance When Scientific and Technical Information is in Question Todd Schenk, Ellen Czaika, Danya Rumore and Michal Russo 19. Interactive Governance and the Limits of Knowledge Coproduction Arwin Van Buuren, Mike Duijn, Gerald Jan Ellen and Bouke Ottow 20. The Managerial Aspect of Interactive Governance Erik Hans Klijn 21. Political Leadership in the Age of Interactive Governance: Reflections on the Political Aspects of Metagovernance Eva Sorensen and Jacob Torfing 22. Complementary Boundary Spanning Leadership: Making Civic-Induced Interactive Governance Work Ingmar Van Meerkerk and Jurian Edelenbos 23. Conclusions: Synthesizing Key Reflections and Exploring New Avenues for Research and Debate on Interactive Governance Jurian Edelenbos and Ingmar Van Meerkerk Index
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