Competition Policies and Consumer Welfare

Competition Policies and Consumer Welfare

Corporate Strategies and Consumer Prices in Developing Countries


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Contents: 1. Introduction Lahcen Achy and Susan Joekes Section I THE DISTRIBUTION OF FOODSTUFFS 2. An assessment of anticompetitive conduct in the supermarkets sector in Costa Rica Randall Arce Alvarado, Donald Miranda Montes and Guillermo Zuniga Arias 3. The consumer goods distribution sector in Armenia Karine Poladyan 4. The market in cereals in Mali Oumar Idriss Berthe, Massa Coulibaly, Salifou B. Diarra and Martin Sidibe 5. Production and distribution in the beef, poultry and milk sectors in Zambia Thulasoni Kaira, Samuel Bwalya, Wesley S. Kalapula and Florence Banda Muleya Section II THE DISTRIBUTION OF PHARMACEUTICALS 6. The distribution of pharmaceuticals in Jamaica Kevin Harriott 7. The pharmaceuticals sector in Vietnam Que Anh Pham and Tran Phuong Lan Section III THE DISTRIBUTION OF SERVICES: INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFERS AND TV PROGRAMMES 8. International money transfer services in Uzbekistan Golib Kholjigitov 9. TV distribution services in Argentina German Coloma, Federico Bekerman, Cecilia Castets and Marcelo D'Amore Section IV PUBLIC PROCUREMENT 10. Public procurement in India Nitya Nanda, Shiju M.V. and Gaurang Meher Diljun 11. Public procurement in Morocco Lahcen Achy and Susan Joekes Index
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