Competition Law as Regulation

Competition Law as Regulation


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Contents: PART I FOUNDATIONS OF THE COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP OF COMPETITION LAW AND REGULATION 1. The Regulatory Breakthrough of Competition Law: Definitions and Worries Mariateresa Maggiolino 2. Anti-Anti Regulation: The Supplanting of Industry Regulators with Competition Agencies and how Antitrust Suffers as a Result Adi Ayal 3. (Re-)Joining The Regulatory Fold? Problem-Solving Innovations in Competition Enforcement Yane Svetiev PART II NEW FORMS OF ADVOCY POWERS OF COMPETITION AGENCIES 4. New Powers - New Vulnerabilities? A Critical Analysis of Market Inquiries Performed by Competition Authorities Tamar Indig and Michal S. Gal 5. New Frontiers for Competition Advocacy and the Potential Role of Competition Impact Assessment Nicoletta Rangone PART III COMPETITION LAW ENFORCEMENT IN REGULATED INDUSTRIES IN GENERAL 6. A Reassessment of the Relationship Between Competition Law and Sector-Specific Regulation Mario Siragusa and Fausto Caronna 7. Regulatory Approach to Competition Law in the Practice of the Polish Competition Authority - A Critical Assessment Krystyna Kowalik-Banczyk 8. Enforcement of Competition Rules in Regulated Industries: Abuse-of-dominance Practices in the New EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Potential Candidates Alexandr Svetlicinii and Marco Botta PART IV INFORMATION AND TELECOMMUNICATION MARKETS 9. From Competition Law to Sector-Specific Regulation in Internet Markets? A Critical Assessment of a Possible Structural Change Rolf H. Weber 10. The Regulatory Approach in Competition Law Enforcement for Innovation-Intensive Industries: The Case of Broadband Access Regulation in Japan Toshiaki Takigawa 11. Abuses of Information and Informational Remedies: Rethinking Exchange of Information under Competition Law Fabiana Di Porto PART V COMPETITION LAW AS REGULATION IN IP-RELATED MARKETS 12. Competition Law as an Instrument of IP Regulation? The Case of Strategic Patent Filings Emanuela Arezzo 13. Competition Law as the Limit to Standard-Setting Bjoern Lundqvist Index
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