Abuse of Dominance in Eu Competition Law

Abuse of Dominance in Eu Competition Law

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Contents: Foreword 1. Introduction Pier Luigi Parcu, Giorgio Monti and Marco Botta 2. The role of intent in the assessment of conducts under Article 102 TFEU Pier Luigi Parcu and Maria Luisa Stasi 3. Article 102: Sources of Interpretation Giorgio Monti 4. Article 102 TFEU in the UK: Victims of Abuse Go Directly to Court Richard Whish 5. Standard-essential patents and abusive patent injunctions - the interplay between German courts and the CJEU Heike Schweitzer 6. Finding of dominance in Austria and Germany - What is the proper role of presumptions of dominance? Florian Schuhmacher 7. Italy - New forms of abuse of dominance and abuse of law Mario Siragusa 8. Abuse of dominance in regulated sectors in Italy: recent enforcement trends Patrick Actis Perinetto and Mel Marquis 9. Sanctioning excessive energy prices as abuse of dominance; Are the EU Commission and the National Competition Authorities on the same frequency? Rozeta Karova and Marco Botta Index
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