Grand Design for Peace and Reconciliation

Grand Design for Peace and Reconciliation

Achieving Kyosei in East Asia


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Contents: Preface PART I: WHAT KIND OF GRAND THEORY? 1. The Birth of Arts: An Example of Functional Tolerance in Society Yoichiro Murakami 2. Is Grand Theory Possible Today? Shin Chiba 3. In Search of a Grand Theory Against the Current of Skepticism Ryuichi Yamaoka 4. After Grand Theory: Musings on Dialogue, Diversity, and World Formation Lester Edwin J. Ruiz PART II: TOWARD THE CONSTRUCTION OF A GRAND THEORY OF PEACE 5. Horizons of a Grand Theory of Peace Richard Falk 6. Peace Studies and Peace Politics: Multicultural Common Security in North-South Conflict Situations Kinhide Mushakoji 7. Toward a Grand Theory of Negative and Positive Peace: Peace, Security, and Conviviality Johan Galtung PART III: A GRAND DESIGN FOR ACHIEVING KYOSEI IN EAST ASIA 8. Mapping the Sorrows of War Philip West 9. Foreign Policy Strategies for Japan: A Non-Japanese Perspective Thomas J. Schoenbaum 10. Toward a Theology of Reconciliation: Forgiveness from the Perspective of Comparative Religion Anri Morimoto 11. For Realizing Wa and Kyosei in East Asia Shin Chiba Index
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